Why “Mr. Frost”?

5 Dec

Mr. Frost was my A Level politics teacher, whose mission in life it seems was to indoctrinate us in to Marxists.

He was quite successful. From straw polls in the the first and last classes, he managed to increase the Labour supporters from 1 to 2 and decrease the Tories from 4 to 2. More than that though, all of us, by the time we had left and regardless of our football team politics, looked at things much more from a left view point.

Now, there may be an argument to suggest that we should have been stronger in our opinions and researched more, but I think we need to understand the context a little better.

Firstly, this was an ex. OxBridge man of clearly high educational attainment and who’s colleagues seemed to be in awe of his intellect. If we ever took him on in debate, his ability to patronise and quote verbatim from known works would soon cut us down to size, even if in hindsight I can see that we were right.

Secondly, we were of the ages 16-18, in other words, teenagers – young, impressionable and, at our state school at least, respecting of a teacher’s propriety, authority and knowledge on a subject. Certainly it was not in our belief that teachers would willingly lie to us or seek to be subverting us.

Thirdly, we were doing other A-Levels, which put more than a bit of pressure on our time. So it was pretty difficult to find and research the items outside of the syllabus on which we directed that would enable us at least to challenge him more robustly. Indeed, on the few occasions that we did, he would have 30 years post-grad reading and reference to immediately counter with.

I remember him laughing at the idea that the Laffer Curve could exist and instructed us not to waste our time investigating it. We had no reason not take his advice and I was shocked years later when I found out how demonstratively easy it is to prove.

Now,  I can do nothing about the past, but I can take control of what I can do now. Which is why I started this blog.

So, I’m hoping that this will add a little more noise to the growing number of voices shouting “enough” at the ever expanding state control and the creeping of socialism in to our everyday lives. The more of us that stand up to be counted, the more likely it is we can prevail and secure our freedoms for another generation.

And therefore it gives me great and perverse pleasure to have this right-wing, libertarian and independent blog in his name.

Mr. Frost


2 Responses to “Why “Mr. Frost”?”

  1. Captain Ranty Tuesday, 6 December, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    Welcome aboard!!

    You can reach me here:

    captainranty at btinternet dot com


  2. crabbitat Saturday, 17 December, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    I’m sitting thinking to myself, “Now, why don’t he write?”

    Am I in detention?

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