Who’s Mr Frost

Mr. Frost is named after an old teacher of mine whose sole purpose in life it seems was to indoctrinate his pupils in to Marxism. It gives me perverse pleasure to name this blog after him and promote the very ideals that he was so keen to subvert. My very first post touches upon this subject.

The anonymity is a regrettable necessity in today’s Big Brother climate, my thoughts on which will no doubt become apparent as the blog grows. It will likely be a great day when one can write freely again without recourse…

However, apart from the names of my family and friends (and perhaps the occassional identifier), everything else on this blog is true.

Quick Biography

  • Born in Britain in the 70’s and am British;
  • Married with a son and a daughter;
  • Lived my formative years near Watford, Hertfordshire, with significant time spent also spent in Liverpool;
  • I speak Japanese and and am learning Putonghua;
  • I’ve worked in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Dubai, Japan, Singapore and the UK and;
  • Emigrated to Hong Kong in 2011.

Hopefully, that will add some colour to my posts – if you would like to know more about my background, let me know (and why) and I shall consider adding.

I should also add that I am not in the pay of anyone for my views on this blog.


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