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Crabbitat… Put the kettle on and enjoy

4 Jan

It has been a frustration of mine that experience of the talents of a very good friend of mine, Crabby, have been limited to but a few souls, of which I have had the priviledge to be one.  His deep thought, thorough arguments and ability to pose provoking quesitons are married well with his ability to churn out prose on an industrial scale whilst retaining a turn of phrase and passion that keeps one engaged.

After creating this blog, I suggested to Crabby that he should do the same. Following some initial resistance and just four days later, Crabbitat was born. Oh and boy have  I been proved right! What an interesting blog that requires that you spend time to absorb and consider the articles within, and it has already amassed a number of articles to consider.

Having received many such articles from him over the years, I usually make a cup of tea and settle down to read, always with the intention to respond, but often finding that simply the response required needs too much of my time to give it the justice it deserves. It is a real art to be able to produce substantial writing upon demand – one that is beyond this author’s ability.

So, put the kettle on and head over there, you won’t regret it.